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So Why Did We Start Manx-Haven?

Well the reason we decided to start posting as Manx-Haven and onto all its addons was to help Mrs Haven who was suffering and still is with multiple chronic health conditions and the associated isolation that can happen because of it. Its so easy to lose contact with friends and family when your ill. Missing events, gatherings and fun things you just take for granted. Over time people just stop asking you. Why ask her, she never comes or always bails out. They just don't understand the situation that long term bad health can bring.

So because of this, one day i decided to do something simple.. lets both of us go out in the car and travel around the Island. A change of scenery can make such a difference, when you only see 4 walls or only visit Nobles. So along our travels we would take pictures, as memories of the good days. This lets Mrs Haven be able to remember the good days, when really they are in the minority. Then i hit on an idea.. lets create a Facebook Page of the pictures, of our travels and things that interest us here and years later we are still doing it. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can have a profound effect on someone.

You only realise how important your health is when its taken from you.

In perspective....we have 2 children and both have never know there mother well..

One is 23 and one is 21... quite sad really.

But we find a way to continue and do our best.

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